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Apply to be a vendor at Russell & Roots

Before You Begin…

The City of Surrey has a few requirements for those operating food trucks at privately operated festivals. Please read and understand the below information from The City of Surrey before applying as a food vendor at the Russell & Roots Concert Series.

Click here to read more about The City of Surrey food vendor requirements.

Find out what you need to operate a food truck business in Surrey, B.C.

Mobile food vendors (food trucks) are a popular attraction at special events and farmer’s markets in Surrey.

Operating a Food Truck in Surrey
Although the City went through a competition process to select vendors to work at City-approved locations, other vendors can operate a food truck at festivals and events held on city land. Operators must receive approval from the organizers of the event and meet the City’s requirements to operate.

The following items are required to operate your food truck at festivals and events held on City land:

  • Permit to Operate from the Fraser Health Authority
    If you only have a Vancouver Coastal Health Authority permit, you still need to apply for a temporary permit with Fraser Health.
  • WorkSafeBC
    If you have onsite employees, provide a clearance letter from WorkSafeBC confirming that your account is currently active and in good standing.
  • Fire Safety Inspection
    The Surrey Fire Service must inspect your unit. The approval is good for the calendar year. Please contact Prevention at 604-543-6781 to schedule an appointment for inspection.Alternatively, they will accept an approved inspection done by any municipality that is participating in the Greater Vancouver Fire Chiefs Association’s Multi-Jurisdictional Inspection Program. This approval must be for the current calendar year. Email documentation to: [email protected].
  • Electrical Permit
    An electrical permit is only required if you are using a portable generator that is not affixed to the truck and your generator is over 5000W. Electrical equipment in your truck must display a mark or label from a certification agency accredited by the Standards Council of Canada or an approval label issued by Technical Safety BC. See the Approved Certification Marks bulletin for accepted approval marks or labels. For additional information, contact the Electrical section at 604-591-4240.
    Click here for more information.
  • Gas Approval Requirements
    Review the Equipment Gas Requirements to ensure your food truck meets the Technical Safety BC’s gas requirements.
    Click here for more information.
  • Insurance Coverage
    Insurance coverage in the amount of a minimum $5,000,000 is required. The policy must name the City of Surrey as an additional insured.
  • Surrey Business Licence
    To apply for a Surrey Business Licence for your food truck, please visit the Bylaw & Licensing Department at City Hall, located at 13450 104 Avenue. You will require a letter of authorization from Sukhi Bahia, Business Systems Coordinator ([email protected] or 604-501-5046) to present to the Bylaw & Licensing Department when applying for the licence. Before this letter can be issued, you must provide proof that all applicable requirements above are met.

For questions about Surrey’s Food Truck Program, or for a list of City-approved food trucks, contact Sukhi Bahia at [email protected] or 604-501-5046.

Please note: Due to the location of the event and the resources being made available to organizers, all vendors are required to be 100% self-sufficient. This includes (but may not be limited to) providing your own electricity/power, water, gas/propane, tables, tents, etc.

Load-in times for all vendors will be between 10:00 AM and 11:00 AM on the day of the event.

For more information or questions regarding the application process, please contact us at:
[email protected].

Apply Now


Your Information

Emergency Contact Details

Additional Event Details

Vendor Registration Fees: $750 Per Show

Each vendor will be contacted after the initial application has been received. If you have been accepted, we will let you know where your location will be, along with a daily schedule closer to the event.

Should your application be accepted, we will send you a credit card authorization form to fill out to secure your spot. Alternatively, we can process your registration fee via Interac eTransfer. Please note, that your spot is not 100% confirmed until your payment has been received.

Absolutely NO ALCOHOL is permitted to be sold via any vendor sites at the Russell & Roots event.

As a vendor, you will receive four (4) vendor working passes. These passes will allow you access to the festival grounds including the general admittance area to view the concerts.

If you have any additional questions, please send us a message at: [email protected]

Thank you for your interest in being part of the first annual Russell & Roots Concert Series! We look forward to working with you this summer and many more summers to come!